Unable to access Puppet Learn from VM in VirtualBox

Puppet is an open-source automation platform designed to help automate software deployments and management of IT Infrastructure.

Helpfully, they have a VM which acts as a “a self-contained learning environment” so you can get to grips with what is possible.

After Downloading the VM from here, extracting the contents of the zip file and starting it in VirtualBox I was presented with the following screen.

Trying to access the IP listed here didn’t work.

The fix was to shutdown the VM, open the Settings in VirtualBox and update the Network > Adapter > “Attached To” value from “NAT” to “Bridged”.

After starting the VM again, the IP address had been updated to, which was accessible through a browser and I could continue with the guide.


Funnily enough, slightly further down the Puppet documentation it lists the above as a solution.

Puppet Adapter Bridged Configuration

At least if the documentation wasn’t so thorough, I’d have been able to easily sort this issue.

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